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Alright Sherlock Fandom, I just had a completely wizard idea. (people still say ‘wizard’, right?)

You know cat stacking? The delicate art of stacking as many household objects on top of your sleeping cat as possible before it wakes up?

John 100% gets bored and does this to Sherlock while he is in his mind palace.  And takes photos.  Probably sends them to Lestrade.

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On Consensual Sadism



I got an ask from unreconstructedfangirl about consensual sexual sadism, specifically in Four Corners of the Western World. Quoted with permission: My very deep sympathy with your characters makes me really feel what [their relationship] means, how it’s who they are, and must be honored. I just really struggle to make peace with the idea of someone really liking to hurt someone else sexually, and still finding them sympathetic. It scares me, and I can’t quite see the health in it. It makes me much more uncomfortable than the idea of wanting to be hurt, which I can, to some extent, understand.

I said I’d do a post on the subject, as unreconstructedfangirl is probably not the only person who finds it hard to get their head around this.

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"The ability of a partner to understand and accept what you want, no matter how socially unacceptable, and convert it to pleasure, is a form of grace."

Penny, you take my breath away.