I often feel like my Japanese homework is being awfully invasive.

"What famous person do you want to meet?  ….How about when you were a child?"

"What is the best gift to get for your birthday?"

"Who is your best friend? …..Write an essay about them making sure to say what they do. Do they work? Go to school? What is their home address and phone number? Do you consider it a good relationship? Are you secretly in love with your best friend?"

Like whoa workbook … slow down there.

Barrowman photo dump! All of them except the last one were during his panel, where he stood on top of his chair when he wasn’t wandering around and stealing cell phones. 

He was very sweet when I got my autograph from him.  I told him his panel was super fun and that he was amazing and he said it was lovely to meet me and then we shook hands.  I managed to make it through without going completely pink up to my ears or anything.  And NO iamshurlocked there was no groping involved.

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i desperately want an exasperated Lestrade when John and Sherlock let him in on the fact that they’re a couple, like, “FIIIIIIINALLY GEEZE WHAT TOOK YOU TWO SO BLOODY LONG TO FIGURE THIS OUT?  WE’VE KNOWN FOR LITERALLY YEARS!!!!!! Alright lads, who had 4 years? Sally? Oh well done, mate!” 

Punk Princess Bubblegum Cosplay!

Points of note:

  • all jewellery (including pins and my bracelet) was made from actual candy
  • my crown (made out of air dry clay) was surprisingly light and comfortable, especially after I glued some felt on the inside rim
  • my shirt is from WeLoveFine (only comes in men’s sizes though…mine is a medium, so good luck with that small lady types)